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Rock and Roll Legend Meets Rock and Roll Chef

Today’s random Vegas celebrity encounter features giants of the bass and the bun. Rock royalty Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick dropped in to hang with celebrity chef Kerry Simon at his new restaurant, KGB at Harrah’s Vegas. Tom Petersson and Cheap Trick are currently at Paris Las Vegas in Sgt. Pepper Live. Chef Kerry Simon….

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What’s the Deal With Rapid Craps?

We won’t lie. This blog falls neatly into the category of “craps fanatic,” and we make no apologies. So, when we first heard about something called “Rapid Craps,” we were titillated, intrigued and leery. Especially titillated, because that tends to bring more visitors to this blog from search engines, but let’s stay focused. Rapid Craps….

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The Vegas Find We Sorta Wish We Hadn’t Found

Not every Vegas adventure is found on the Strip, and this one’s a doozy. Cruising down Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas the other night, we were invited to take part in a unique culinary experience at a place called Mermaids. This busy establishments features slot machines, video poker (no table games) and an air….

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Poker Titans Clash at World Series of Poker

Well, now we’ve done it. Last night (Jun. 28), we breached security and caught some of poker’s heaviest hitters at the World Series of Poker at Rio Las Vegas. Credentials, schmedentials! First up, poker superstar Phil Ivey. Phil Ivey and friends were in the throes of day one of a three-day Pot-Limit Omaha contest, event….

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What Makes This Las Vegas Blog Fighting Mad?

Know what makes this blog mad? Reading this: “You’ve just been ousted as the mayor of Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon!” Sigh. If you have no idea what that last sentence means, click here to learn about Foursquare, the most enjoyable time-waster since the advent of Pong. If you have no idea what that last….

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The Slot Machine That Laid $80,000 at Rio

After hearing a player hit an $80,000 jackpot at Rio the other day, we just had to check out the lucky machine. After some sleuthing, we found it! Hey, that’s what we do. We sleuth. The machine resides in the High Limit area at Rio Las Vegas, and we only had a minor coronary when….

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We Want to Suck Face With the Rio’s New Homepage

All right, so maybe this Las Vegas blog is the only one who thinks the new Rio Las Vegas homepage is kind of cool. It appears the neon-riffic (not a real word) resort is testing a revamped page that features all the resort’s social networking content, including Facebook posts, Tweets, and yes, even the snarky….

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Big Boi Makes a Splash at Venus Pool on July 4

Rapper, songwriter, producer and party-maker Big Boi (not to mention OutKast member, with Andre 3000) will ensure the Venus Pool Club at Caesars Palace grooves on Jul. 4. Find out more. Bonus factoid: You can catch Big Boi on the current cover of Ozone Magazine. Get the full, you know, shizzle.

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It’s Sin City History Time: Vegas Vic

Just about everyone on the planet recognizes Las Vegas’ famed cowboy, Vegas Vic. (Yes, he has a name!) The 40-foot, neon-adorned statue has greeted Vegas visitors since 1951. He can still be seen under the canopy at the Fremont Street Experience downtown, although Vic’s currently welcoming visitors to a souvenir shop. (The location was formerly….

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Bradley Ogden Gets Kudos From Concierge Association

Congratulations to Bradley Ogden restaurant at Caesars Palace! The acclaimed restaurant has been voted “Best American Restaurant in Las Vegas” by The Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association. Also of note: Bradley Ogden was one of just a handful of Vegas restaurants to be given a Forbes Four Star rating in 2010. See the full list.

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Qua Baths & Spa Adds Yoga and Water Qi Gong

Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace continues to offer paths to relaxation with the addition of both yoga and water Qi Gong classes. (We ran the spellcheck. There’s no “u” in “Qi.” It means “breathing,” or can also represent the relationship between matter, energy and spirit. “Gong” means results or achievement. Thank you, Interwebs.)….

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Ten Couples to Propose at Forum Shops on 10/10/10

In Vegas, it’s all about lucky numbers, and 10/10/10 (Oct. 10, 2010) is considered pretty darned lucky. How lucky? On that date, 10 lucky couples will propose marriage as part of a giveaway from The Forum Shops and Funjet Vacations. Enter online to be one of 10 couples who will win an all-expense-paid trip to….

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Ready for a Summer Kiss in Vegas?

Venus was the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility. At the Venus Pool Club at Caesars Palace you will LOVE the signature Summer Kiss cocktail, it’s a thing of BEAUTY, and if you have two, you’re sure to feel, well, you know. (Actual results may vary.) Check out this video of Venus Pool Club….

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This Blog Post Could Save You Two Grand

We are a Las Vegas blog, so you know we don’t exaggerate. Here’s some inside scoop that could save you big bucks at the Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood. If you visit the Customer Service desk and show your AAA (American Automobile Association) or CAA (the Canadian version, we’re pretty sure), you’ll receive the….

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Is There Anything Holly Madison Can’t Do?

She wows audiences nightly at Planet Hollywood in Peepshow. She charms viewers in her reality show, “Holly’s World.” Now, Holly Madison is trying her hand at being a Las Vegas tour guide. Watch her disarming “Guide to Vegas” video segment (presumably the first in a series) where the future mayor of Las Vegas (ahem) shows….

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