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Today’s Casino Jargon: “Washing” the Cards

You may have seen it happen before, but you may not have known there’s a name for it! Casino card game dealers have a very specific procedure they follow related to shuffling the cards. To begin the shuffling process, cards are spread out on the table and moved around randomly. This step in the shuffling….

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The Quad Comes Into Its Own With New Chips and More

There are few things that spark as much excitement in the hearts of Las Vegas casino chip collectors as new chips to collect. Well, The Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace) just rolled out its new chips, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands, and lens, on some. The shiny new chips at The Quad….

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Six Easy* Ways to Become a Millionaire in Las Vegas

There are lots of ways to become a millionaire in Las Vegas, but you knew there had to be an asterisk or two involved! “Easy” is a pretty subjective term, but if you compare winning a million bucks in Las Vegas to “attending college and working at a job for 20 years,” yeah, it’s relatively*….

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How Much Is Your Roulette Chip Worth?

Roulette is one of the most appealing games in a casino. The gleaming, spinning wheel. The variety of bets. The relatively simple rules. The camaraderie. The repeated leaning forward of well-endowed patrons to place their bets, if you know what we’re saying. An interesting aspect of roulette is how the game’s chips work. Unlike other….

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How To Turn $100 Into a Cool Million in Vegas

Math is so easy in Vegas. You start with $100. You play some Three Card Poker. You cash out with a million bucks. Don’t believe it? It happened! On Friday, May 11, 2012 a lucky player at Flamingo Las Vegas snagged the latest million dollar prize for a 6-Card Bonus at Three Card Poker. We….

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Take Some Drag Queens for a Spin at Imperial Palace

Given the popularity of reality TV’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” the recent opening of Drink & Drag in downtown Las Vegas and the ongoing success of “Frank Marino’s Diva’s Las Vegas” at Imperial Palace, this just may end up “The Year of the Drag Queen.” How cool is it to be a female impersonator at the….

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Today’s Gambling Trivia: It’s In the Cards

No Las Vegas casino would be complete without playing cards. They’re used in blackjack and poker and a variety of other games, including Pai Gow poker, which in Chinese translates as “that card game this blog doesn’t understand because it may involve math.” So, here’s a question about playing cards: Why are there 52 cards….

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Lucky Player Wins Cool Million at Three Card Poker

Bucking the odds, a lucky player at Paris Las Vegas hit the 6-Card Bonus jackpot at Three Poker and is a million bucks richer for it. Johnita Ejercito, an attorney and nurse from Woodland Hills, California hit the 6-Card Bonus jackpot on Feb. 19, 2012. The million-dollar 6-Card Bonus side bet for Three Card Poker….

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Three Card Poker Hits for $1 Million Jackpot

The dream lives! A lucky Three Card Poker player recently hit the game’s relatively-new $1 million jackpot. We introduced the million-dollar twist for this popular casino card game back in May, as it was rolled out exclusively in Caesars Entertainment casinos in Vegas. So, even though the $1 million win in question was scooped up….

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The First Shuffle Master Card Shuffler Ever

If you’ve been to a casino, pretty much anywhere in the known universe, chances are you’ve seen a Shuffle Master automatic card shuffler. They’re the machines that keep the cards shuffled so your dealer can concentrate on 1) banter, 2) paying your wins correctly and 3) making that completely sincere sad face when your blackjack….

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Caesars Casinos Pony Up $1 Mil Three Card Poker Prize

Las Vegas casinos in the Caesars Entertainment family have upped the ante with a new $1 million jackpot in its popular Three Card Poker table games. Players can win $1 million in just one hand with the “6 Card Bonus” side bet (with a total wager of as little as $15). The winning hand is….

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It’s Time to Get Wild 52 at Flamingo Las Vegas

There’s always something new to see or do, or play, in Las Vegas. Example: Flamingo Las Vegas is the official “testing ground” of Sin City’s newest poker-based casino table game, Wild 52. Since Flamingo Las Vegas is the only casino in the world with Wild 52, we thought we’d stop by to check out the….

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The $100,000 Gaming Chip: Got Your Attention?

The things we do to bring you the finest in useless Las Vegas insidery (not a real word). This time, we made some calls, squeezed our insider casino contacts, washed a few backs and got an exclusive photo of the largest casino gaming chip we could find: A $100,000 chip at Paris Las Vegas. This….

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Today’s Vegas Diversion: Name That Chip

Think you know Vegas? Here’s today’s puzzler. Check out this super close-up of a gaming chip from one of Sin City’s most talked-about resorts. It could be a vintage chip or one currently in circulation. Think you know which resort it’s from? Post your guess in the Comments section. We’ll even give you a hint…..

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Today’s Fairly Useless Gambling Poll

One of the things that makes craps such a colorful game to play is that just about everything in the game has a nickname. In fact, nearly every number rolled has its own name. Got a favorite? [poll id="9"] Did we miss one you like? Let us know in the Comments section.

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