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Harrah’s Entertainment Now Caesars Entertainment

As of today (Nov. 23, 2010), Harrah’s Entertainment is Caesars Entertainment. Discuss. Don’t panic. Same great Total Rewards loyalty program. Same fun. Same friendly dealers. Same spa treatments this blog can’t pronounce. And if you’re pining for a little Harrah’s action, there are Harrah’s resorts all over the place, including Harrah’s Las Vegas on the….

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A Plethora of Sin City Quickies

Who has time for long, in-depth blog posts? Not us! In fact, who even has time for complete sentences? Not us, that’s for. (See what we did there?) In that spirit, here we present a virtual truckload of news and information we simply don’t have time to form complete thoughts about. * The Miracle Mile….

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Harrah’s Resorts Vow to Inconvenience Customers

It appears our friends at Bellagio are hopping on the resort fees bandwagon. Check out this Las Vegas Sun story. The article states, “Bellagio plans to charge a resort fee beginning in January as part of a plan by parent company MGM Resorts International to roll out resort fees across all of the company’s wholly-owned….

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Vegas Hook-Up: Free Stuff at Planet Hollywood

You can’t miss it. There’s a giant slot machine outside Planet Hollywood, and it’s kicking out free stuff with every pull. Your free pull could get you a million bucks. We have no idea what the odds are of that happening. We are a Las Vegas blog, not a statistician. But did we mention how….

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Harrah’s Donates $100,000 to Soap Recycling Program

The Harrah’s Foundation has donated $100,000 to the Clean the World Foundation to develop a soap recycling facility in Las Vegas. The center will collect and sanitize soap, shampoos, conditioners and lotions from Vegas hotel-casinos and distribute the products to struggling families throughout the U.S. and more than 40 countries around the world. The soap….

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The Man Behind the Social Curtain: Jay Fenster

There are few people who have their finger more on the pulse of Las Vegas than those who toil in the field of social media. The bloggers (ahem) and Tweeters and podcasters and Facebookers (not a real word) keep guests and locals alike in-the-know about Sin City news and events, and keep the fun going….

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Brace Your Senses: The Vegas All Stage Pass is Here

Can there ever be too much of a good thing? Of course not, at least not in Las Vegas! Cue the All Stage Pass, the ultimate way to satisfy your hunger for entertainment when you’re in Sin City. Following up on the full-bellied ballsiness of the Buffet of Buffet (all the buffets you can visit….

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New Harrahs.com Reservation Thingy Launches

Holy innovation, Batman! Harrahs.com, one of the world’s most popular travel sites (seriously), just launched a major revamp of its room reservation system. Now, there’s a chance you don’t especially care about this newsflash. Fine, be like that. But, at least give us a chance to facilitate your caring, because some of the new features….

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Max is Mad About Caesars Palace

There are fans of Caesars Palace, then there’s Max. The ever-affable Max Rudolph is from Butte, Montana, and he’s devoted significant amounts of time, energy and his own flesh to sharing his love of Caesars Palace and Pure Nightclub. We first encountered Max online when we saw one of his three Caesars-inspired tattoos. We just….

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1,000 Reasons to Love Las Vegas

Today’s a big day here at the Pulse of Vegas blog. Why? Because this is our 1,000th blog post. And, as with most big deals on the Interwebs, we feel compelled to celebrate this momentus occasion, that is probably only a big deal to us, with a fancy graphic. We considered going on and on….

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Earn Total Rewards Credits at 500 New Places

The world’s most buff player loyalty program, Total Rewards, has gotten even more ripped by teaming up with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, one of the most recognizable hotel companies around. The new partnership means guests can earn Reward Credits for their hotel stay (not gambling, sorry) at more than 500 Starwood destinations in the U.S.,….

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Total Rewards Magazine Goodness, No Papercuts

The latest edition of Total Rewards magazine has hit the newsstands. (It’s a metaphor. They’re delivered by mail.) Because this Las Vegas blog likes you, in a completely appropriate way, mind you, we’re showing you the way to enjoy the magazine online. The magazine of the world’s most well-endowed player loyalty program, Total Rewards, can….

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Where Holly Goes, So Goes This Las Vegas Blog

Let’s see. What would it take to drag us away from our comfy, air-conditioned cubicle on a balmy Vegas day like today? You guessed it: Holly Madison! Holly Madison, star of Peepshow and the endlessly-fascinating reality series, “Holly’s World,” sauntered into the Pleasure Pit at Planet Hollywood to help publicize the fact that her hotel,….

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Sin City Quickies

It’s that time again! We’ve collected tons of Vegas news we don’t have time to turn into full-fledged blog posts, because to be honest, that seems way too much like actual “work.” And Vegas is whatever the opposite of work is, right? Here we go! * One of our favorite blogs interviews one of the….

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