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A Vegas Keepsake This Blog Doesn’t Condone

During a recent visit to the adults-only Go Sexy store at Flamingo Las Vegas, we encountered a new item this blog definitely doesn’t condone. It’s a riding crop. In the shape of a flamingo. Which is so wrong, we can barely stand to share a photo. Find out more about the Go Sexy store at….

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Today’s Random Las Vegas Trivia We’re Not Making Up

The Last Frontier hotel-casino opened in 1942, and was one of the first casinos on The Strip. Believe it or not, at one time, the hotel transported guests to and from the airport in a horse-drawn stagecoach. In 1955, the Last Frontier became the New Frontier. In 1967, it was re-named just Frontier. In 2007,….

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Today’s Vegas Photo We Have No Comment About

Because we’re mature like that. Check out other newness at The Quad Las Vegas.

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Today’s Utterly Useless Las Vegas Trivia

Just about everyone has visited Sugar Factory at Paris Las Vegas. The food and cocktails are great, and the sweets are even better. The next time you stop by, look up. The Paris has some incredibly detailed statues on its facade, including one that seems especially appropriate in a spot up above the Sugar Factory…..

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NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. Takes a Spin at Caesars Palace

Boys will be boys! Popular NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. took a few spins in the Caesars Palace limo lot today. Through the miracle of YouTube and this blog’s lackluster videography, you can take a look. Earnhardt Jr. did the burn-outs as stunt for his sponsor, AMP Energy drink. He was joined by fellow AMP….

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What’s the Funniest Number on a Roulette Wheel?

Everyone seems to have an opinion about what the luckiest number on a roulette wheel is. But here’s a fact about roulette you probably didn’t know: The funniest number on a roulette wheel is 32. Now, we know what you’re thinking. It’s something along the lines of, “Despite your being an award-winning Las Vegas blog,….

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A Valentine’s Day Reminder

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas, and nobody’s blushing, you’re doing it wrong.

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Today’s Random Las Vegas Photo

If you stand in just the right place when you’re entering Planet Hollywood, and tilt your head at just the right angle, and if the sky is crystal clear just after sunset, and if you move to the perfect spot so you can get a glimpse of the Paris Las Vegas balloon, too, this is….

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Cold Snap Turns Caesars Palace Fountains Into Frosty Las Vegas Photo Op

Las Vegas is experiencing, and embracing, some briskness at the moment. All right, maybe it’s not all that brisk compared to your hometown, but for Sin City, anything under 50-degrees is a cold snap! A chilly few days has provided Vegas visitors, and this blog, a rare opportunity to capture the Caesars Palace fountains in….

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“Incredible Burt Wonderstone” Promises Magical Mirth

From the looks of the trailer for “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” some of comedy’s biggest names are about to take a playful jab at the world of Las Vegas magic. “Wonderstone” (which is what one must call the film if one’s ever been even marginally involved in the film industry, which this blog has) is….

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15 Las Vegas Holiday Wishes We Hope Come True

The holiday season is a time when miracles happen and wishes come true, so here are some holiday wishes we’ve slapped together at the last minute because, hey, even award-winning blogs deserve a couple of days off for the holidays. 1. May all your Las Vegas buffet lines be short. 2. May your visits to….

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Planet Hollywood Guests Get an Unexpected Upgrade

It’s sort of the Vegas version of “Punk’d.” You arrive at Planet Hollywood, and the hotel staff is apologetic because they can’t find your reservation. The rest is an “Only in Vegas” moment, courtesy of dozens of Miss Universe contestants. Have a watch. The unsuspecting guests, several of whom seem to go into a mild….

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We Answer All Your Bones Questions in Honor of National Dice Day

It’s National Dice Day! Each year, on December 4, casinos across Las Vegas celebrate this momentous occasion by hosting “craps games” and “providing complimentary beverages when certain gaming thresholds are met.” Dice are one of the oldest known gambling devices, along with domino tiles and the middle finger. “Why are dice called bones?” you ask…..

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21 Las Vegas Things to Be Thankful For

In what has somehow become an annual ritual, this blog will now rattle off 21 things to be thankful for in Las Vegas. Post your own things in the Comments section. 1. Mini Plates We love buffets, like the new Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace, where the food is served in little plates. It’s like….

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