A New Outpost for Discount Show Tickets in Vegas

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Taking its cue from the all-access, 24-hour Buffet of Buffets deal (unlimited access to seven great Vegas buffets), the All-Stage Pass has been creating some buzz of its own.

This affordable pass (just $99) delivers all the shows you can consume in a 48-hour period. The deal includes 17 shows up and down the Strip at a variety of Caesars Entertainment hotels.

Previously, All-Stage Passes had to be purchased at the Planet Hollywood box office. Now, a convenient, sultry, buff, buxom, leggy (actual results may vary) booth has been opened to spare you the trek.

Discount Show Tickets

Yes, buxom! (Sorry, guys, it's a marketing thing. Go with it.)

The new discount ticket booth is located in front of Bally’s Las Vegas, pretty much the half-way mark of the Strip. At the moment, only All-Stage Passes can be purchased at the “Cheap and Easy Ticket Sin Shack” (we just made that name up), but plans are in the works to offer individual show ticket deals in the future.

One caveat. This sign appears on the side of the Ticket Taj (again, made up name).

Pepsi proudly served

Don't get your hopes up.

We have confirmed that Pepsi is not actually sold in the booth. (We think it means Pepsi is sold at the shows and in the hotels where the shows are.) Sorry. While the guys in the booth had a good laugh when we ordered a diet Pepsi, we suspect that joke might be getting a little old at this point, so maybe just skip the idle chit-chat if you stop by. Remember, your 48 hour clock starts ticking at the time of purchase, so have a plan in place.

The $99 price applies to Total Rewards members (the Caesars Entertainment player loyalty program that’s free to join), and it’s $119 for non-members.

The new discount ticket booth is open 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. each day.

Read more about the All-Stage Pass.

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  1. Jonathan

    Ordering a Pepsi may be too tempting to pass up. Unfortunately, I won’t be there until August, so I expect the joke is going to be quite thin by then. Hasn’t stop me before.

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