Sea Brings Thai Experience to Bally’s Vegas

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“I’m in the mood for Thai,” you say? A new restaurant at Bally’s Vegas has you covered when you’re having cravings for Thai food on the Las Vegas Strip.

Sea: The Thai Experience at Bally's

See? It already feels like an "experience" a little, doesn't it?

Sea: The Thai Experience is one of the few Thai restaurants on the Strip and offers up a variety of “Thai fusion” specialties with roots in authentic cuisine you’d find in places like Phuket, Thailand’s largest island.

Oh, please, like we weren’t going to find a way to mention Phuket in a post about Thai food.

Sea: The Thai Experience at Bally's

Please resist the temptation to find enlightenment during dinner. It can distract other patrons.

Sea is an intimate space, adjacent to Bally’s Steakhouse, that seats about 100, with a private dining room that can accommodate 25.

It’s a little hard to describe, but When you enter Sea restaurant, there’s this calm that washes over you. Maybe it’s the reflecting pool, the subdued light, the soft-spoken, attentive staff or the striking, Bangkok-inspired interior design. Whatever accounts for it, we love it.

Sea Thai

"Can you just post some food pics, already?" (Your impertinence is duly noted.) The popular Lemongrass Chicken.

Sea: The Thai Experience opened its first location in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 2002, and has been a favorite of filmmakers, appearing in “Sex and the City” and “Garden State.”

Stuffed Crab Rangoon

Sea's Stuffed Crab Rangoon might be too pretty to eat.

Aside from its on-screen celebrity, Sea has found fame with its menu as well. A diverse menu offers specialty Thai and Vietnamese dishes including the aforementioned grilled lemongrass chicken, a classic pork chop, volcanic chicken and pineapple curry duck.

Lettuce Wrap

The Lettuce Wraps are pretty, too.

Guests can pair their entrees with beer, wine or specialty cocktails such as the suwanmalee, a Thai lychee martini, or the sakuntala, Sea’s signature mojito. Yes, we copied and pasted that from the news release. Get your own blog if you want to get all researchy.

Sea: The Thai Experience

Could we just eat here every day?

Prices are quite reasonable, and you get to choose your level of food hotness, of course. And things do get hot at Sea. The chicken we tried was spiced so magnificently, we made references to Phuket several times during our visit.

Chicken Wing Lollipops

The Chicken Wing Lollipops were so spicy, they nearly made us fertile. Or something.

Check out our surprisingly high-quality photo gallery featuring Sea: The Thai Experience.

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