Seven Crazy-Good Cocktails From Payard at Caesars

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When you think of Payard Patisserie & Bistro at Caesars Palace, mind-blowing cocktails might not be the first things that come to mind.

You might think about the world-renowned chocolates and pastries, or the consistently winning dining options (at some of the most reasonable fine dining prices in Las Vegas, by the way). That’s fair.

But thanks to Payard’s manager and resident mixologist, Sam Berkley, the restaurant recently introduced a signature cocktail menu guaranteed to make your brain implode. In the best possible way.

Payard Red Mojito

Fair warning: There's a chance you'll be tempted to have intimate relations with The Red Mojito. Or maybe that was just us.

Payard’s liquor license only covers beer, wine and sparkling wine (like Champagne, but less capitalized), so Berkley has concocted drinks that are wine and champagne-based.

Some are twists on classics, and some are complete originals, but every single one will make your taste buds feel like they’ve hit a Megabucks progressive.

Payard screwdriver

This ain't your grandpa's screwdriver.

Payard’s Tournevis (The Screwdriver), above, for example, has house-made citrus blend tea infused Pinot noir, Orangina, lemon juice, candied orange syrup and a garnish of a flamed orange peel. Who would even think to flame an orange peel? Sam Berkley, for one.

Payard cocktail

The White Violet is as pretty as it is ambrosial. Yes, we finally figured out how to use a thesaurus.

The White Violet (above) has Sauvignon Blanc, violet syrup and muddled basil, and it’s garnished with Payard’s lavender honey, basil and an edible flower. Yes, edible. It’s like Willy Wonka’s factory, but for grown-ups. And at Payard’s, people aren’t disappearing all the time. Moving on.

Payard The Lemongress cocktail

The Lemongrass: Made with Chardonnay, lemonade, lime juice, a salted rim and lots of love. Probably.

All of the signature cocktails have fancy French names (Poire Chaude, Tournevis, Mojito Rouge), but this blog tends to mangle French, so we’re sticking with the English names, thanks.

The Classic Prosecco

Oh, yes, The Classic Prosecco has balsamic in it. Like this blog, Payard's doesn't live by society's rules.

We’re not entirely sure how, but the flavor combinations just fall together perfectly for an unforgettable oenophile experience. Yes, it took us 10 minutes to find another way to say “wine lover.” Even with a thesaurus.

Payard cocktail The French Press

The French Press. We find ourselves liking the French more with each passing day.

The French Press boasts Pinot noir, Payard Passionfruit and Black Passion teas, steeped in a French press, along with raspberry syrup, truffle salt, and a garnish of raspberry and an edible flower. No, we didn’t memorize these things. They’re on the cocktail menu, which you can find online here.

Payard cocktail

The Hot Pear might be our favorite, but when it comes to Vegas cocktails, we don't like to play favorites.

Every cocktail this blog sampled held a surprise (the things we endure for you!), from the edible flowers to the exotic ingredients we’ve never heard of (lavender honey?) and the little touches (sugar cane garnish?). We’re happy to report there wasn’t a single cocktail fail in the bunch.

Sam Berkley Payard

Sam won't know what to make of being thrust into the limelight. We like that about him.

If Restaurant Manager Sam Berkley’s name sounds familiar, it might be because he’s the son of Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkley, but he didn’t bring it up, so we didn’t pry further. It’s probably best not to mix politics and alcoholic beverages, anyway.

Make sure to drop by Payard Bistro at Caesars Palace for these tasty new temptations.

Oh, and this blog isn’t liable if your brain actually implodes. It’s just one of those risks you take in Las Vegas.

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