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There are everyday gifts (yawn), then there are Las Vegas gifts (yipee!).

Yesterday, we received the amazing gift below, purchased at Whiskey Run, one of the shops at Imperial Palace. (Yes, there are shops at Imperial Palace.)

Rice treat from Imperial Palace

No, we didn't make it appear larger in Photoshop. What would we know about making things larger in Photoshop? And why are you interrogating us like this?

This awesome gift, a mere $4.75, involves several of this blog’s favorite things.

First, Rice Krispie Treats. Although it’s not called that. On the packaging, they’re called “Coated Crisped Rice Treats.” Yay, lawyers! Ultimately, though, this treat is a gigantic Rice Krispie Treat, arguably the greatest invention since spiced rum.

Also one of our favorite things: The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. We’ve posted a lot in this blog about the most recognizable sign in the world, including the fact it was never copyrighted, which means it has been put on just about everything, including key chains, coffee mugs, dice, mouse pads and, yes, even Coated Crisped Rice Treats.

In Vegas, size matters, so please note this bad boy is a whopping four inches across, and three inches deep and 2.5 inches tall, making it roughly the size of The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Treat ruler

Yes, this blog has tools, and we're not afraid to use them.

The package says the monster of a treat is two servings, at 390 calories each. Not that we’re counting. Las Vegas is not a place for “counting calories” or “acting prudently” or “not having a coronary.” Vegas is all about letting loose and throwing caution to the wind.

Bottom line: We love Las Vegas so much, we could just eat it up! No. Literally. We just ate it up. We’d have saved you some, but, you know, our research has to be exhaustive.

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