Linq “Mayor” Shares First Pic of New O’Sheas Sign

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Jon Gray, “Mayor” of The Linq project being built between the Flamingo and The Quad, has shared the first photo of a freshly-erected sign for the new O’Sheas.

We knew you'd be back!

We knew you’d be back!

For those who have been missing the original O’Sheas (like this blog) since it closed in 2012, this new sign represents both a blast from the past and a glimpse into the future.

The aforementioned Jon Gray. He's dapper.

The aforementioned Jon Gray. His real title is Vice President and General Manager of The Linq, but “Mayor” just sounds snappier.

The new O’Sheas will bring a more contemporary twist to the popular casino, beloved for its beer pong, plentiful hooch and Lucky the Leprechaun.

The new O’Sheas will have a bar, gaming tables and live entertainment. Just like the old O’Sheas, but significantly less sticky.

Sorry, people in renderings don't respond when you tell them to turn around and face the camera.

Please note: People in renderings don’t respond when you tell them to turn around and face the camera.

Read more about The Linq, the tenants that have been announced to-date, and the crown jewel of The Linq, the High Roller observation wheel.

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  1. If the new O’Sheas is as empty as that picture, and the patrons were that sober and well dressed, I’d have to say it’s not really O’Sheas!