Planet Hollywood Guests Get an Unexpected Upgrade

Posted Monday, December 17, 2012 by in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Casinos, Nonsense, Planet Hollywood, Things to Do. 1 Comment.

It’s sort of the Vegas version of “Punk’d.” You arrive at Planet Hollywood, and the hotel staff is apologetic because they can’t find your reservation. The rest is an “Only in Vegas” moment, courtesy of dozens of Miss Universe contestants. Have a watch.

The unsuspecting guests, several of whom seem to go into a mild state of shock, actually did get to stay in upgraded, panorama suites for taking part in the hotel’s little prank.

Miss Universe

No, Albania isn't in upstate New York. Please try and stay focused.

Catch the lovely contestants on NBC, Dec. 19, as they metaphorically thumb wrestle for the Miss Universe crown. Gratuitous pageant contestant photos here.

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  1. I’m conflicted on this. On the one hand it’s awesome. On the other, if I were responsible for it, I’d be terrified someone would react… badly.

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