Chippendales Join Cast of “The Amazing Race”

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Two performers from the Chippendales male revue at Rio Las Vegas, Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis, will join the cast of “The Amazing Race” for the reality show’s 21st season.

Amazing Race Chippendales

Luckily, those Chippendales bow ties and cuffs translate into every language.

Thanks to photographer Cliff Lipson at CBS for the official cast member photo.

The new season of “The Amazing Race” premieres Sept. 30, 2012 on CBS.

The Emmy-winning show, hosted by Phil Keoghan, pits two-member teams against each other on a trek around the world that lasts (at least for some) nearly a month. The teams compete in a series of challenges as pairs of contestants are eliminated along the way. The winning duo takes home a million bucks.

For the sake of Vaughan and Davis, let’s hope there are challenges involving T-shirt ripping, pelvic gyrations and being lusted over by hordes of enthusiastic fans.

Jaymes and James Chippendales

We shot Jaymes and James on a recent red carpet, so we're going to say this blog predicted their participation on "The Amazing Race" before everyone else. Retroactive exclusive!

View a video introduction to the buff buds on the official “The Amazing Race site, and find out more about the show here. See more Jaymes here.

Here are our top tips for winning “The Amazing Race.” Stay hydrated. Don’t embarrass America. Learn to drive a stick shift. Take care of your acrophobia before you begin. Know the location of every country on Earth by heart.

Oh, and always, always read your clues carefully!

Best of luck to the guys of Chippendales.

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2 Responses

  1. melissa green

    I’m more excited than ever for this season to begin! There
    are already bets going on around my office at Dish for the winning team, and
    you better believe that my money is on these two dreamboats! I can’t wait to
    see what those muscles can do. It’s unfortunate that the show airs on Sundays
    though, since that is usually a big night for football in my household. Luckily,
    we just upgraded to the Hopper DVR, which can record up to six things, so I’ll
    still be able to see every episode once I’m done watching the Broncos dominate.
    The only thing that could make this better is if they wear those outfits all
    season long! ;)

  2. Anonymous

    Too good, Melissa! We suspect the guys will find plenty of excuses to remove their shirts. Those contestants always look so sweaty! Thanks for your comment. We’ll let the guys know you’re thinking about them.

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