Frank Marino’s Gender-Bending Transformation

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Frank Marino, star of “Divas Las Vegas,” goes through an astonishing transformation every time he performs at Imperial Palace.

Thanks to the technological miracle that is this blog’s rudimentary knowledge of animated gifs, here’s a rare glimpse into just how dramatic the popular female-impersonator’s nightly transformation really is!

Frank Marino female impersonator

Just another day at the Vegas magic factory.

Marino and his talented cast recently celebrated their second anniversary at the Imperial Palace (on Oct. 17, 2011), but Marino has been a Strip headliner for a record-breaking 26 years. Read our wildly inadequate coverage of Marino’s 25th anniversary on the Strip.

During our recent photo shoot with Marino, capturing him before and after his dramatic metamorphosis, he noted, tellingly, “I’m much more comfortable in character than as me.” We’re 41% sure he meant that comment off-the-record, but we are a Las Vegas blog. Nothing’s off the record.

Frank Marino female impersonator

Working it.

Frank Marino will soon be making a splash with an appearance on Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker on Nov. 8, 2011. Marino goes head-to-head with the show’s colorful host, Patti Stanger.

Learn more about “Divas Las Vegas” at Imperial Palace, a show this blog enjoyed a lot, thanks in large part to Frank Marino’s ever-changing material and razor-sharp wit. In fact, we named “Divas” one of the Funniest Shows in Las Vegas.

Drama queen sign

This sign resides outside Frank Marino's dressing room at the IP.

Bonus Frank Marino trivia: He’s performed more than 20,000 shows on the Las Vegas Strip, attended by more than 10 million people.

Marino is also the only Las Vegas celebrity to have two stars on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Take a look.

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