“Legends in Concert” Adds Steven Tyler, Lady Gaga

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“Legends in Concert,” the tribute show at Harrah’s Las Vegas, has added two new, and familiar, faces to its roster of performers.

Music icons Steven Tyler and Lady Gaga, backed by a live orchestra and dancers, are now among the luminaries paid tribute in this fast-paced Strip fixture.

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler is a judge on "American Idol." We understand he also has a band.

Singer Kate Steele slips into the skin of Lady Gaga and Steven Tyler is portrayed by Chris VanDahl.

Random useless fact: If you change the spacing in “Legends in Concert,” you can make it say, “legend sin concert.” Told you it was useless.

“Legends in Concert” claims to be the longest-running celebrity tribute show in the world. The show debuted in 1983 at the Imperial Palace. Yes, we knew that off the top of our head. Probably.

Lady Gaga

Sorry, no meat dress. The animals appreciate it, though.

Stars portrayed in the show include Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Cher, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Beatles and others.

The part we like best about this tribute show? No lip-syncing! Find out more about Legends in Concert a Harrah’s.

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