“Legends in Concert,” Even Better Than You’ve Heard

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There are Las Vegas tribute shows, then there’s “Legends in Concert” at Harrah’s Las Vegas.

The enduring show celebrated its 28th anniversary on May 5, 2011, and now we know first-hand why Legends in Concert is an enduring fixture on he Strip. Hint: It’ll blow your bloomers off. Although, granted, we’re not entirely sure we could pick out “bloomers” in a line-up.

Lady Gaga

Kate Steele's uncanny portrayal of Lady Gaga just pops.

We caught “Legends” recently, and captured some wobbly video sure to be cherished by many generations to come.

“Legends” is simply one dead-on performance after another. No lip-syncing. (We asked. Repeatedly. No lip-syncing.) Just sheer talent and a production that seems to fly by, hitting one high note after another.

Steven Tyler

Chris VanDahl has the Steven Tyler vibe down cold.

The performers portrayed span generations, so it’s truly a show for everyone. And because new talent is always being discovered and integrated into the show, there’s always something (or someone) new to see and hear.

Recent additions to the show at Imperial Palace include Kate Steele as Lady Gaga and Chris VanDahl as Steven Tyler. Learn more.

Other performers currently featured in “Legends in Concert” include Terry Forsythe as Stevie Wonder, Art Vargas as Bobby Darin and Graham Patrick as Elvis. The central players are surrounded and showcased by a lively band, as well as a group of talented dancers and back-up vocalists (see below).

Legends in Concert dancer

Hey, she's in the show. Let us post a photo just for us once in awhile, will you?

Audiences seem to appreciate the “Legends” performances even more because these folks are not only sound-alikes, but they also transform to the point where they’re channeling the physicality and attitude of the superstars they’re paying homage to.


No Vegas tribute show would be complete without The King. Graham Patrick is one of the best in the biz.

Each tribute artist whips masterfully through a crowd-pleasing medley of hits by their chosen music legend. Note: We know they’re crowd-pleasing because we were a member of the aforementioned crowd. And we don’t really think of ourselves as a tribute show kind of person. Consider us officially won over.

Exclusive: Another iteration of “Legends in Concert” will soon expand to include a show in Hawaii. We’re fairly sure that’s confidential, so you didn’t hear it from us! Probably.

Legends in Concert

Also in the show. Totally legitimate to post this photo. Totally.

Because we are an award-winning and, more recently, award-nominated Las Vegas blog, we feel an overwhelming sense of pressure to provide you with an entirely awesome photo gallery showing off some of the faces, costumes and midriffs onstage at what’s said to be the world’s longest-running tribute show, “Legends in Concert.”

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