Progress On New Escalator Outside Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, Um, Escalates

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Cruising The Strip, we were happy to see the near-complete new escalator just outside PBR Rock Bar inside The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

Construction of the $2 million escalator seems to have happened in record time.


Escalator steps move 1-2 feet per second. Not that you need any more useless information in your brain.

Currently, when pedestrians reach the end of the overhead walkway at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon Avenue, heading toward Planet Hollywood, they only have the option of going south, or away from Planet Hollywood.

The new escalator will make visiting The Miracle Mile Shops and Planet Hollywood much more convenient, which is good, because there are, among other things, cocktails inside.

The escalator is being built to “balance the flow of traffic,” which, of course, when translated, means, “Um, hello, potential customers, over this way!”

We look forward to our first ride on the new escalator, because in Las Vegas, it’s not just an escalator, it’s an “adrenaline-fueled altitude-defying attraction experience destination.” Or something.

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