Five Surprising Miracle Mile Shops Discoveries

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The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood are massive. You could spend all day and all night wandering this shopping wonderland and 1) never experience all of it, 2) soon realize you’re a giant chowderhead for thinking it’s just another shopping mall. OK, that last thing might apply more to this blog than you, but let’s move on.

Our recent wanderings led us to five surprising discoveries we feel compelled to share, mostly because we took pictures, and we hate to waste pixels.

Discovery #1: Cabo Wabo Battle of the Bands

The Cabo Wabo Cantina at Planet Hollywood went and planned a battle of the bands without telling us. We hate when that happens. “Sammy’s Battle of the Bands” began in May. Semi-finals start July 31 and the finale happens Sep. 18.


The "Sammy" involved is Sammy Hagar. We understand he's involved in music.

Discovery #2: Scoop Neck Tees at Ann Taylor Loft

Honestly, this blog isn’t all that big on shopping. As such, this blog is probably a wee light on the shopping tidbits. And we never would have thought to post about this except for the fact someone we were with went into a euphoric tizzy when they saw this deal at Ann Taylor Loft in the Miracle Mile Shops. Something about scoop neck tees, whatever those might actually be, on sale for $6. Our companion literally bought 15. That seems newsworthy to us.

Ann Taylor Loft

For a limited time only. That's what the sign said, anyway.

Discovery #3: Ice Cream Dessert at PBR Rock Bar

There’s a lot to like about PBR Rock Bar. There you’ve got your hearty portions, your scantily-clad bullriders, your 215 (roughly) TV screens. But until our recent visit, we didn’t know about the “Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet.” Two words: Un. Believable.


We just chipped a tooth on our computer monitor.

It’s a thick, oven-hot cookie topped with generous scoops of ice cream, drizzled with chocolate. Your taste buds are going to offer to purchase you a villa in the south of France, trust us.

Discovery #4: Stripper Bar

To enter Stripper Bar, next to the V Theater, you have to pass through the legs of the woman pictured below. Is this a “discovery”? Not really. Is it awesome? Objectification aside, most certainly.

Stripper Bar

Insider tip: Keep your eyes on the ground or your wife's going to give you the cold shoulder all night.

What we did discover: She’s 31 feet tall. Additional discovery: The menu at Stripper Bar includes “T&A” (Teasers and Appetizers). We are not making this up. Vegas, you’re something else.

Discovery #5: D’Amore’s Pizza’s Coming Soon

We didn’t know the Miracle Mile Shops are going to get their very own D’Amore’s Pizza. The acclaimed pizza joint is known for having the water used in its dough shipped in from Italy. Yes, that Italy.

D'Amore's Pizza

"D'Amore" translates as, "from the amore." Or something.

The new D’Amore’s Pizza will be next to the Saxe Theater.

We’d love to hear about your Vegas discoveries. Post them in the Comments section. There are no prizes, just this blog’s undying affection. Which, in most cases, will not violate any local or federal ordinances.

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3 Responses

  1. you skipped blondies – my fav sports bar on the strip! they do awesome drink specials and always have room to watch the games!

  2. Anonymous

    Great points, thanks. It’s amazing how many shows are going on in those theaters…including the Saxe Theater.

  3. Anonymous

    Dang! We actually took a photo of their sign, too. We’ll have to do a post about that joint soon. It’s always hopping. Good spot for a Pulse of Vegas blog Tweet-Up, should such a thing ever transpire.

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