Sugar Factory at Paris Says “Meh” to Valentine’s Day

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If you doubt whether Vegas has a great sense of humor, check out the anti-Valentine’s Day special menu at Sugar Factory American Brasserie restaurant inside Paris Las Vegas.

Sugar Factory

No cherubs were harmed during the making of this advertisement.

The prix fixe (French for, “I hate doing math”) menu is four courses, $40 a person, and eschews the traditional, lovey-dovey schmoogling typically associated with Valentine’s Day.

After a first course of garlic soup (how better to avoid someone wanting to kiss you?), the appetizer (below) takes a clever jab at love.


This isn't the clever part. This is the tasty part.

Seems innocent enough, right? It’s just arancini (fried rice balls coated with breadcrumbs), right? Wrong. Cut into the balls and a smoked salt beet gelee gives the “Bleeding Heart” its desired, anti-Valentine’s Day effect.


Both clever and delicious.

The entree course is called “The Separation,” and features cider braised beef short ribs, grilled prawn, candied fennel and a crispy potato web.


"Honey, you're beef. I'm a prawn. I'm sure you're going to make someone else very happy someday."

Dessert is referred to as “Cold Hearted,” a delicious vanilla semifreddo with pistachio butter and burnt cherry compote.


Cold heart, but happy taste buds.

This blog is going to continue to pretend we know what semifreddo is.


Insider tip: If you break up before dessert comes, you won't have to share.

Of course, no visit to Sugar Factory is complete without a signature cocktail. Start off with a Minty Moscow Mule.

Minty Moscow Mule

Bonus: If you call your date a Minty Moscow Mule, you'll be well on your way to the best anti-Valentine's Day ever.

To deaden your heartbreak, follow up with a 36-ounce goblet drink like the Hawaiian Crush, complete with a dry ice cloud to shroud your heart during this most awkward of holidays. Or something.

Hawaiian Crush

Sure, it's 36 bucks, but it's not like you'll be spending any money on a gift for your significant other, so drink up!

The Sugar Factory’s special menu is available only on Feb. 14, 2013, 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Find out more about Sugar Factory American Brasserie restaurant.

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