The Ultimate, Utterly Biased Guide to Vegas Daiquiris

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There are few things in life that give this blog as much joy as a daiquiri. Lucky for us, the wheels of Sin City are generously lubricated with these frosty concoctions.

Our extensive research shows the most popular flavor of daiquiri in Las Vegas is strawberry. Extensive in that strawberry is our personal favorite.

In honor of National Daiquiri Day (July 19), we’ve put a Kevlar vest on our liver and compiled the ultimate list of Las Vegas daiquiris. By “ultimate,” of course, we mean “completely biased toward the places we frequent to have daiquiris.” We are a Las Vegas blog, not a champion of objectivity.

Evening Call at Bally’s and Rio

Evening Call is responsible for some of the most flavorful daiquiris in Vegas, and some of the most extreme brain freezes, too. Evening Call has a special perk to celebrate National Daiquiri Day, specifically $4 daiquiris and free shots. Yeah, we probably should have just skipped to the free shots part. Get free extra shots of Bacardi, Jose Cuervo and Smirnoff with any frozen drink purchase all day at all four of the store’s locations. They can found at Bally’s, Rio Vegas, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Evening Call

We're just getting started, so pace yourself.

Petit Bar, Paris Las Vegas

Oh, you know you want one. Yes, the daiquiri, but also one of the keepsake Eiffel Tower containers that will double as a piggy bank when you get back home. Equally keepsake-worthy is the ceramic chalice shaped like the Paris’ famed Montgolfier balloon (pictured below). Both can be had for $14.99 at Petit Bar near the Le Village Buffet. The Eiffel Tower has 60 oz. of fluid, the balloon has 28 oz. Some inside skinny: Out on the street, the very same drinks and collectible cups cost $18.99, and they’re $16.99 at Gustav’s Bar. Just saying.

Paris daiquiri

Yes, the Montgolfier balloon. We occasionally read books, you know.

Pink’s at Planet Hollywood

It might be known primarily for its dogs, but Pink’s at Planet Hollywood serves up a delicious daiquiri, too. Pink’s is also involved with Vegas charities, so we dig them for that. Read more.

Pink's daiquiri

The only hotdog-inspired daiquiri goblet we know of.

Numb at Caesars Palace and Harrah’s

Numb delivers on its titular promise. With two locations, in Caesars Palace and Harrah’s Las Vegas, these daiquiri-focused bars serve up signature drinks with names like Up All Night, Naked Colada, Purple Haze, Strawberry Butterfly and Mango Kush, each more delicious than the next. (Please note all the “titular” jokes we’re not making. Maturity rocks.)


Judy, you've won our heart, three times over.

Rockhouse at Imperial Palace

Rockhouse isn’t merely a great source for tasty daiquiris in large, plastic recepticles, it’s pretty much a 24-7 party. Whether you prefer your libations in a cowboy boot or a guitar, Rockhouse is a refreshing stop center-Strip. If you’re up for it, order the monster-sized 100 ounce “Super Yard.” Hey, it’s either a party or it isn’t.


The aforementioned daiquiri guitar.

Halo Bar at Planet Hollywood

Just outside the casino, on the Miracle Mile Shops side, this circular bar is popular with those in need of a respite from shopping. Halo Bar is also popular with this blog for its strawberry daiquiri. No price gouging, lots of people watching, and friendly bartenders make this a must-stop on our Las vegas Tour de Daiquiri.


The only thing missing is a diving board.

Fat Tuesday at Miracle Mile, Imperial Palace and Caesars

Fat Tuesday, a name that’s easy to remember, churns out daiquiris that are equally memorable. Fat Tuesday can be found at Imperial Palace, The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and inside Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood. There are probably other locations, but again, utterly biased. Fat Tuesday is a firm beliver in the adage, “In Vegas, if your daiquiri doesn’t require a shoulder strap, you’re not doing it right!”

Fat Tuesday

You can call it "Phat Tuesday," they're cool with it.

PBR Rock Bar

Owned by the same evil geniuses as Rockhouse, PBR Rock Bar knows how to daiquiri. The restaurant even features a daiquiri bar with easy, stagger-up access from its Miracle Mile-facing side. The PBR Rock Bar daiquiri is the one we had most recently, and it’s beyond scrumptious. Which is, by the way, a word you should not try to spell after having a few PBR Rock Bar daiquiris, if you know what we mean.

PBR Rock Bar

Consider this the "before" photo.

Cabo Wabo Cantina

Why does it not surprise us that Sammy Hagar’s restaurant-bar has some of the most tempting daiquiris on the Strip? On the day we stopped by, a daiquiri expert (the woman in line in front of us) recommended mixing two flavors for the supreme Cabo Wabo daiquiri experience: Dreamcicle and strawberry. Who are we to argue with an expert?

Cabo Wabo daiquiri

Hold. Us. Back. (Just not effectively.)

Sugar Factory at Paris Las Vegas

One of the appeals of daiquiris is the sweetness, and it’s hard to talk about sweets without a mention of Sugar Factory at Paris Vegas. While the desserts take up most of the limelight at this popular restaurant and confection store, don’t pass up the Sugar Factory’s daiquiris. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can grab a quick one at convenient walk-up window, too. The “Sugar Stick” (see below) is $20 and should be a good start for your daiquiri-fueled exploits.

Sugar Factory

The "Sugar Stick" is the one with the growth spurt, third from the right.

La Bayou on Fremont Street

Last, but in no way the least. Sometimes, when you want something truly amazing, you have to head downtown. La Bayou, on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, is home to some of the most spectacular daiquiri goodness in all of Sin City. It’s a hole in the wall, and if you blink you might miss it, but it’s worth the search. Free Mardi Gras beads are a bonus, but the strawberry daiquiri is the main draw. Even Holly Madison, star of Peepshow, considers La Bayou’s to be the best daquiris in downtown Vegas. She even mentioned it in her book.

La Bayou

Sometimes, you just have to trust your favorite Las Vegas blog. Uh, this is your favorite, right?

So, get out there and make the most of National Daquiri Day. Then again, every day is Daquiri Day in Las Vegas. Please enjoy Sin City’s daiquiris responsibly, blah, blah, blah. Oh, just have a blast. It’s not like lawyers read this blog, anyway.

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