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Steve Martorano, the buff, tattooed charmer (and chef) behind Martorano’s at Rio Las Vegas has been making the media rounds to promote his new autobiographical cookbook, “Yo Cuz: My Life, My Food, My Way.”

He did a great segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and through the miracle of the YouTubes, you can watch it on this very blog. Part one first.

Yes, it’s a two-parter. Like you’re doing anything more productive right now.

This blog has bumped into Steve Martorano a few times, sometimes in the context of the meatball-eating contest he hosts, and sometimes cranking out tunes in his restaurant at Rio Las Vegas. Yes, the chef also does DJ duties when he’s in town.

Steve Martorano

Chef Steve Martorano "power mixing" at Rio, whatever that might actually be.

Here’s a Vegas insider tip: Always kiss up to the cook. Bigtime. That’s what we did when we followed Martorano into his kitchen.

Steve Martorano

Flattery will get you everywhere in Vegas.

Our badgering got us an impromptu cooking lesson, and we continued to flagrantly flatter the chef until he had no other choice but to give us some food. We will never forget that ravioli, as fresh as it gets, direct from the pan of the master.


Possibly the best ravioli ever. The portions are obviously larger than our sample.

After hanging with Steve Martorano, you end up feeling like you’re his actual “cuz.” No lie.

Martorano is very generous when it comes to teaching others to cook. He obviously helped Jimmy Kimmel, but the chef has a series of informative cooking segments on his official site.

Our favorite from the “Yo Cuz” video series? The one where he explains how anyone can make their own mozzarella cheese. A cheese which, according to the chef, we’ve been saying wrong for our entire lives.


The chef has a lot of pots on the fire lately. Literally.

The video series is free, with a minor hoop to jump through (you have to provide an e-mail address to get access). Check them out.

We love this guy! Sample greatness from his video series: “Some people say I look orange.” Self-deprecating humor tends to go a long way with this Las Vegas blog.

Steve Martorano cookbook

Did Steve Martorano trademark the phrase "Yo Cuz"? We have no idea. It was a rhetorical question.

You can grab his book, “Yo Cuz: My Life, My Food, My Way,” on Amazon.

Bonus: Our million-dollar TV show idea. Steve Martorano and Vegas Vic from “Food Network Star” co-star in a cop show about guys who cook at night and fight crime during the day. “Yo, Fuzz”? Just saying.

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